How it was on the

We had a very glorious journey full of ups and downs, but our dedicated team enjoyed it a lot.

Initially we had a small team and our services were subject to providing services in HVAC for car systems. But with the improved liking, popularity in customer satisfaction level and increase in demand for the HVAC car system parts we expanded. With the collaborations with our partners and manufacturers we taken the responsibility of delivering the parts as well at customers door steps.

We started our journey in 1985 under the supervision of our beloved CEO in New York city. After 10 years of hard work our company expanded its services to deliver parts

Our journey is full of ups and downs. But what made us keep going is our customer support. We expanded our sections more in early twentieth century and divided our company into different departments. After few years in early 2008 we taken huge land for car repairing factory where we managed to repair 30 cars at a time. Currently we have 200+ persons who are working as professionals and giving their best in M & S parts and services.

We provide simple
solutions to make life easier

We are an automobile and pick-up parts salvage. We also sell repairable vehicles, which are easy to fix and late model.

We are a company dedicated to give only the best quality service and customer satisfaction of HVAC services in you vehicles. Specializing in the maintenance, service, repair & installation of HVAC equipment to anywhere and anything that needed it, we offer only the best kind of service using our state of the art equipment and years of experience and expertise of our technicians. In addition, we purchase salvage or wrecked vehicles from the public as well. We also have access to thousands of Automotive Tools from our partners.

We practice a concept that has been proven and perfected through quality installation practices, mastic sealed duct, quality assurance start-up procedures, system design and so much more. We bring our services to your home as well as to your car. Installation and repair on HVAC system can be a bit pricey, we know that, however, we make sure to fix the problem the first time we do it. With our services, we offer you as well options on what kind of HVAC system to install for your comfort needs and to wherever you need it.

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If you are manufacturer or any organisation which provides more repairing services other than HVAC systems. We are just one call away from you to become partners.

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