Diagnose a Non-working Air Conditioner in a Car

Troubleshooting an Automobile’s Air Conditioning Problems
August 28, 2016

Diagnose a Non-working Air Conditioner in a Car

Driving around in a car especially on hot day with your air conditioner malfunctioning can be uncomfortable and even dangerous when the heat outside is extreme. The best featuring problems and diagnosing an AC Problems. It is also possible that anyone can get into an accident due to the discomfort as it gets anyone to lose their cool and focus. Knowing how to diagnose the reason why your car air conditioner is malfunctioning will help you determine whether the problem is something that you can easily fix or if you need to take it to the experts. Here are some of the overlooked problems in a car air conditioning system that you need to check out for. Getting them checked or fixed when the problem is still minor can save your from major and costly repairs in the future.


  1. Moisture
    The air conditioner makes the inside temperature of a vehicle lower, thus cooling the air, by releasing the warmer air outside. If dirt and moisture contaminates the air conditioner of the car, they obstruct the release and flow of warm air out of the vehicle thus your AC failing to cool the surroundings.
  2. Soiled Condenser
    Blockage of the condenser due to grime, moisture, dirt or debris will affect the air flow inside the AC system so that it doesn’t cool the surroundings. A clogged condenser can be cleaned easily by using a good quality flushing equipment that does not leave residue in the system and vaporises quickly. It is better to replace the condenser if it has been in use for a very long time. This minor replacement is better than having to replace the whole AC unit if the problem escalated due to negligence to minor car concerns.
  3. Low Refrigeration Level
    Like motor oil, the amount of refrigerant in your AC can reduce by 15% each year. Especially during winter when AC is purposely not used, the loss tends to increase. When the AC is not used, the seals can dry out and affect the productivity of the unit causing it to go through the refrigerant. Low refrigerant level can be normalised by refilling the gas in the refrigerant tanks and fixing some leakage if there’s any.
  4. Mechanical Problems
    Any mechanical part problem such as compressor malfunction, defective compressor, non-working valve or defunct pressure switch can lead to poor functioning of your car’s air conditioning system. What you can do is to do some random checks on your air conditioner to know if there any problem to it. Switch on the air conditioning unit and check if the fuses, wires, fan belt, compressor, compressor clutch switch and compressor seal are functioning properly. Also check the compressor if the oil has been contaminated, if so, flush the AC unit and replace it with new oil.

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